Dynamic Heroes is a crossover e-manga by Kazuhito Ochi featuring the main characters and villains from the key franchises of Dynamic Productions. The manga details events in the anime including the crossover movies such as Mazinger Z vs. Devilman and uses the anime styled artwork.

Summary Edit

Dynamic Heroes takes place one year after the battle against the Vegan Empire. Koji Kabuto after having a dream of Maria Fleed decides to visit her but he and a jealous Sayaka see a UFO go to Earth. The Spazer later appears piloted by Maria. Koji manages to save her with help from Great Mazinger. Later more monsters attacking including an attack that forced the Getter Robo G out to battle. The crisis gets so severe the heroes Devilman and Cutie Honey also get involved with Cutie Honey getting stuck in a trap with Panther Claws alliance with the Demon Tribe while getting help from Devilman.

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