Eagle Claw
Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Eagle Claw was a powerful member of Panther Claw, who had the ability to transform into a giant demonic bird of prey. 


Eagle Claw's main form was a tall muscular woman. She had ragged long hair and large black crests around her eyes. She had bird like claws and feet and a small tuft of feathers on her back.

Her bird form was a giagntic black feathered bird. She had long, clawed legs and exposed human breasts. Above the birds head sat Eagle's own faux-human face with a large main of hair running down the back.


Eagle was able to transform between her two forms with ease. In her bird visage she had a tremendous amount of strength and could soar the sky with her wings. Her normal form possessed similar strength and claws also.




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