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Electric Panther

Electric Panther is a member of Panther Claw who appears in Episode 26 of Cutie Honey Flash


False Form Edit

Electric Panther first resembles a girl in her late teens with long green hair and red pupils that are split into 4 sections, however instead of legs, her lower body is just a giant purple jellyfish's bell that resembles a large poofy floor-length skirt. For attire, she wears a yellow and pink dress with a red bow and long sleeves that are puffy in the shoulders.

True Form Edit

For her real form, she is a jellyfish-like monster. She has yellow scleras and red irises and jagged sharp teeth and a pair of human like hands with what appears to be dark purple sleeves underneath her "skirt".


Due to her terrible singing, she can create shockwaves.

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