Vital statistics
Position Maid
Killer Cyborg
Age (Young Adult)
Status Destroyed
Played by Ran Usami

Erica is a cyborg maid issued by Watari's human weapon experiments. Along with her coworkers Anna, Mizuho, and Misao they act as hit men for certain targets before being sold on the Darkness Auction.

Personality Edit

Erica acts much like other workers at maid cafe's on the surface such as calling customers 'master'. Erica is popular with her customers including Seiji Hayami. She takes her role very seriously as when Kato mocked her role as a maid, Erica acted to kill him. Erica like the others however is a vicious killer and attacked anyone as ordered.

Abilities Edit

Erica's eyes are telescopic and link to a CPU giving her information and programming to kill targets on sight. She possesses enhanced reflexes and strength due to they cybernetics planted in her body. In battle she uses hidden blades to attack enemies.

History Edit

Erica had provided service to many customers including Seiji, one of her regulars. She is sent to Kato's residence after Honey displeased him with her choice of dishes. Erica however did not fare any better and Kato criticized her for not understanding a customer's needs. Erica then proceed to kill him before Honey came in to stop her by damaging her leg and giving Kato one of his preferred dishes. Erica escapes with Honey giving chase where she is later intercepted by the other maids. She fights them as Cutie Honey before Duke Watari comes in to fight as well. Seeing Erica struggle to function, Watari severs her head revealing her cybernetics. Honey defends Erica's remains when Watari attempted to damage her further. The rest of Erica's body was likely destroyed in the explosions caused by Nakajo.

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