Gold Claw
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Big Four
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Hoiri Katagiri
Gold Claw is the first of the Big Four encountered in the Cutie Honey movie.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gold Claw is coated in gold-colored body armor and wears white and yellow make up on her face with black eyeliner. She is loyal to Panther Claw enough to beg for forgiveness towards Sister Jill.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Gold Claw is equipped with 3 blades on her left arm for close combat while the right arm is armed with gun barrels for distance battles shooting Gold Missiles at opponents that cause powerful explosions. The long blade on top of her helmet can be used to grab falling enemies by impaling them, hurling objects, and can allow flight by spinning like a helicopter.

History Edit

Gold Claw and a squad of Panthers kidnapped Dr. Utsugi for his plans in nanotechnology while getting held up by the police led by Natsuko Aki and later by Cutie Honey. Fighting to a standstill, Gold Claw attempted to escape the sea bunker with Dr. Utsugi but Honey knocks her out with the Honey Boomerang. She is later seen when the Big Four meet Sister Jill. Jill later kills Gold Claw for being defeated.

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