Gold Claw
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Four Gods
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Noriko Uemura

Gold Claw is one of the Four Gods of Panther Claw in Re: Cutie Honey representing the club suit. She served as the first major enemy that Cutie Honey fought against.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Gold Claw has a muscular body and highly feline appearance and is adorned in golden armor. She is loyal to Panther Claw and its goals of terror, fighting against anyone who stands in the way of those goals. She has a habit of mixing four character idioms in dialogue.


Gold Claw is highly versed in hand-to-hand combat and possesses significant physical strength able to punch through thick walls. Her final attack involves opening up her chest armor to fire missiles from her breast area.


Gold Claw had her subordinates attack different parts of Japan where they were all defeated before she broadcast herself on television while first encountering Cutie Honey. While Honey manages to fight her off until retreating, Gold Claw starts her plan where her defeated subordinates break out of prison to attack the connected police headquarters. With the police losing, Honey appeared to help and along with Natsuko Aki managed to defeat the foot soldiers but Gold Claw took Natsuko hostage. She threatened Honey to surrender or she would drop Natsuko off the building and Honey obeyed in spite of what Natsuko said. Honey was then restrained by Gold Claw before Natsuko helped Honey activate her I-System which changed her back into Cutie Honey and help fight back. Gold Claw then tried her final weapon, but it was easily deflected and Honey destroyed her.

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