Gorgon Claw
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Elite
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Mami Horikoshi
Gorgon Claw is an elite member of Panther Claw based in Sumatra.


Gorgon Claw has a humanoid upperbody attached to the lower back of a white tiger. She wears green and yellow western-style armor and is always seen with a mask covering the bottom half of her face along with a white hair decoration.


Gorgon Claw is a loyal member of Panther Claw, dedicated to serving Sister Jill. She does not have a very good relationship with her co-worker Freddy Claw and seems to be aware of her intentions to kill Jill.


Gorgon Claw uses the mobility of her lower body to pounce and attack enemies with great strength and speed. She is armed with a lance for close combat.


Gorgon Claw was summoned by Sister Jill after her resurrection. She was sent to track down the scientist Mistuko Kanzaki a coworker of Takeshi Kisaragi who helped design the Airborne Element Fixing Device. She encountered Cutie Honey during her attempted capture and engaged in combat. During the battle, Honey assumed her Hyper Honey form and defeated Gorgon Claw.


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