Goto Shinoda
Vital statistics
Position Supplier
Age (Adult)
Status Active
Played by Masayasu Kitayama
Goto Shinoda is a man who kidnapped Yuki Kenmochi in order to get the money for one of Yuji Nakajo's gambling games.

Personality Edit

Shinoda is a nervous person with a clear conscience. This caused him great distress when he had to find a large amount of money in order to get a bomb off of him. While resorting to kidnapping, he was not very good at it and his victim ended up helping him.

History Edit

Shinoda had a relatively average life until a bomb was placed on him by Panther Claw. With a deadline to get a large sum of money, and seeing someone who failed to get the money in time blew up, Shinoda tried to get the money from an available source. He kidnapped Yuki as her family was wealthy. However, they ended up bonding in a strange way with Yuki and Honey Kisaragi trying to find ways to get the money after the initial kidnapping demands were lost. Eventually they use a bluff to get the bomb off Shinoda. With Nakajo defeated, Shinoda became a supplier while sending a letter thanking Yuki.

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