Hamaguri Academy is a juku (private cram school) run by its principal Mayumi Karasugawa to foster future members of Panther Claw from the gifted and wealthy youngsters that attend there.

Description Edit

Hamaguri's primary purpose is to educate its students much like other juku but its true purpose is to recruit the students and mold them into member and leaders of Panther Claw after the chain of command needs to retire. The principal, Karasugawa gives private lessons to students while seducing the female students. The other staff are composed primarily of Panther Claw combatants while some of the students who show promise also work closely with Karasugawa. Hamaguri also houses facilities including a chamber for holding prisoners for Karasugawa's 'hobbies' which can also be used for lab equipment.

Etymology Edit

Hamaguri translates to Clam, referencing how the students get in Karasugawa's grasp as well as the clam emblem on the sign.

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