Hayato Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Private Detective
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Played by Kiyoyuki Yanada
Hayato Hayami was a private detective and Seiji Hayami's father in Cutie Honey Flash. He has only been seen in flashbacks, but serves as the motivation for his son.


Hayato had the same-colored hair and eyes as his son, with his long hair being tied to a ponytail. He wore a flat hat that his son inherited years later.


Hayato was a very competent detective, having followed leads that revealed information about Panther Claw and lead him straight to their commander.


Hayato was hot on the trail of the mysterious Panther Claw with his son accompanying him. Encountering the Panther Claw commander, Sister Jill during a cruise, he was killed right in front of Seiji. Seiji could only watch die, and spend the next many years to become a great detective like his father.

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