Hiroko Mira
Vital statistics
Position Student,
Juvenile Delinquent
Age (Adolescent)
Status Active
Played by Mai Yukawa

Hiroko Mira is a delinquent student at Shirobara Academy. She and her posse are well known for causing trouble at the school.

Personality Edit

Hiroko acts high and mighty around others speaking with a strong dialect, often trying to intimidate the other students especially the kind that get on her nerves like Honey to make it look like she and her gang run the school. She is not afraid to break school rules or take advantage of others if it means getting what she wants out of them. However, this appears to be more of a facade Hiroko puts up as she easily followed other people around like Yoko Mizuno because of her money and was easily scared by Yuki Kenmochi before and after she transferred in, working under when Yuki terrified her.

History Edit

Hiroko was often with her gang trying to get Natsuko to betray Honey or make Honey look bad through some minor form of propaganda. By the time Yuki transferred to their class, Hiroko and her gang tried to intimidate her but Yuki scared them into working for her. When Yuki manipulated Honey into revealing herself as an android Hiroko and the rest of the class distanced themselves from Honey. She also tried to get Honey to do their work until she was scared off by Yuki. Hiroko and her friends were not seen afterwards.

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