Movie Honey

Eriko Sato as Cutie Honey in the first live action film

Honey Kisaragi is the main protagonist of the franchise. She has had many incarnations over the years but most consist with the idea that she is an android built by Dr. Kisaragi to fight the evil organization Panther Claw using the Air Element Fixing Device. Using the device, she can transform into the red-haired swordswoman known as Cutey/Cutie Honey.

Incarnations of the characterEdit


  • Honey Kisaragi (SEED) - A shape shifting alien who crash landed on Earth. Named after the main protagonist by a fan of the series, Yuta. In this universe, Cutie Honey is only a TV show, similar to the real world.
  • Hanikoromo Kisaragi - A gender-swapped version of Honey in a novel.
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