Honey Kisaragi
C01 body
Vital statistics
Position Vigilante
Age (Adolescent)
Status Active
Played by Maaya Sakamoto (Honey Kisaragi and Cutie Honey)
Maaya Uchida
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Kana Hanazawa
Yukari Tamura
Suzoko Mimori
Honey Kisaragi is the title character of the anime, Cutie Honey Universe. With the Airborne Element Fixing Device, she is able to assume different forms in the fight against Panther Claw.

Appearance Edit

As her base Honey Kisaragi form, Honey is a teenager with an average height but a slim and curvy figure. She has long blonde hair worn with a red headband. Honey has light blue eyes. She wears a short white and blue dress, as well as white boots. She also wears red accessories accented by pink hearts.

As Cutie Honey, her hair becomes short and messy and turns red. Her eyes also turn red. She is clothed in one piece skin-tight costume featuring a red top that shows a cleavage, white elbow length gloves and boots, and a back bottom side. Her accessories like the choker and arm band also change to white.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Honey much like previous incarnations possesses the Airborne Element Fixing Device, allowing her to change the molecular structure of herself to assume different forms with various abilities and conjure up equipment.

As Cutie Honey, she is an agile fighter armed with the Silver Fleurette sword she conjures from thin air.

As Hurricane Honey, she pilots vehicles including but not limited to a motorcycle. As Misty Honey, she is armed with a mike, a good set of lungs and an adoring crowd. As Flash Honey, she is equipped with a camera and given a rather down to earth, non-suspicious look.

History Edit

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