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Honey VS is a one-shot manga by Masaki Segawa that was published in Grand Jump. It is a crossover with various Dynamic Productions series including Getter Robo and Dororon Enma-kun. 


Honey is taking a bath while reading a newspaper article reporting a pterodactyl sighting on a mountain range. Honey, thinking this is the work of Panther Claw goes out to investigate. As Hurricane Honey, she finds more than she bargained for as Dragon Panther attacks her. Honey manages to make a parachute to escape but is shot down. To break her fall, Honey grabs onto a tree but lands in front of a young martial artist who was training in the mountains for a karate style he inherited from his father. Honey made it look like she was a reporter looking for the hot springs which the young man bought.

Dragon Panther attacked them with Eagle Claw catching Honey in her talons. As Honey is lifted up, she witnesses the young man not only block Dragon Panther's tail but actually manage to damage her to everyone's astonishment. Honey uses the opportunity to attack Eagle Claw by kicking her in the face and assuming the form of Cutey Honey. As the young man managed to beat up Dragon Panther, the Panther Claw kaijin caught him in her tail. But before anything could be done, Honey deals the finishing blow. When asking Dragon Panther about a base, she replies that she and Eagle Claw were sent out as scouts to find the pterodactyl that was really a Mechasaurus. The aforementioned pterodactyl ate Eagle Claw as it passed by.

Honey watches the young man depart while gaining respect that he managed to hold his own against a Panther Claw kaijin. The end of the manga reveals the martial artist was Ryoma Nagare, who along with two companions fight against the Dinosaur Empire in the super robot Getter Robo. Honey on the other hand found a spring on the mountain and decided to relax there.

The next chapter featured Honey battling Sister Jill only to be ambushed by a traitorous Tarantula Panther. But the Yokai Patrol appears thinking that the dead panthers were the work of a yokai only to get captured themselves. Meeting Enma, they team up to save the Yokai Patrol from Tarantula Panther.