Honey VS is a one-shot manga by Masaki Hasegawa that was published in Grand Jump. It is a crossover with Getter Robo that tells a story where Honey Kisaragi finds a report about a living dinosaur and goes out to confront it, meeting an ally in the mountains.


Honey is taking a bath while reading a newspaper article reporting a pterodactyl sighting on a mountain range. Honey, thinking this is the work of Panther Claw goes out to investigate. As Hurricane Honey, she finds more than she bargained for as a reptilian man riding a giant raptor attacks her. Honey fights the soldier off as Cutey Honey.

Later she encounters a martial artist who was training in the mountains for a karate style he inherited from his father. He also encountered the dinosaur man and managed to drive him away before he met Honey. With the soldier returning, they work together to fight him. The man holds the dinosaur down while Honey deals the finishing blow. The solider warns that he is only among many and that are more of him out there.

The man and Honey part ways, confident that if they encounter more of the Dinosaur Empire either one of them could defeat them. The end of the manga reveals the martial artist was Ryoma Nagare, who along with two companions fight against the Dinosaur Empire in the super robot Getter Robo. Honey on the other hand found a spring on the mountain and decided to relax there.

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