Bulldozer Hoshi
Vital statistics
Position Catch Wrestler
Age (Adult)
Status Incarcerated
Bulldozer Hoshi is a catch wrestler that became addicted to a medication which also caused him to turn into a monster. He served as the first case in Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu.

Appearance Edit

Hoshi is a large burly man with a squared face, messy dark hair, and a mustache. He is often seen in a T-shirt and pants. Upon becoming affected by the drugs he took, he gains an increase in size with darkened skin that often rip his clothes off.

Personality Edit

Hoshi was determined to win his matches at all costs even using drugs that have not quite passed inspection. When he became addicted to the drugs, he became violent and threatened his coach when he refused to give it to him. Becoming affected by the drugs makes him extra violent, killing people that get in his way or even rape them.

Abilities Edit

Hoshi as a catch wrestler has high physical strength that allow him to grapple opponents and restrain their movements. Ingesting the drugs make his muscles denser, enough for bullet to bounce off of him.

History Edit

Hoshi came upon drugs to help build up his strength but he lost control, ending up killing a few gym members. Later he threatened his coach when he did not want Hoshi to cause another scene and ingested more of the drugs. Upon knowing that people were eavesdropping on them, Hoshi went in to attack them. When he caught up to Seiko, he overpowered her with Seiko's gun doing nothing to him. Holding her down, Hoshi tried to rape Seiko until the arrival of Cutey Honey who stunned him and his coach for the police to arrest them.

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