Hurricane Honey in the manga

Hurricane Honey is the second most frequently seen form used by Honey Kisaragi, just after her main alter ego Cutie Honey. It applies her with a 1960's styled racing jumpsuit, with a helmet and scarf, just for added style.


Hurricane Honey is the form used by Honey when in need of a quick chase or speedy get away. Honey will frequently use a motorcycle as Hurricane Honey, but very occasionally other vehicles. 

Her motorcycles seem to stay the same rough make, throughout each incarnation and era.


  • Hurricane Honey is the first form used by Honey in the original manga, not using the Cutie Honey form till her fight with Black Claw.
    • Its also worth mentioning that in the manga, Honey's first bike was stolen. She took it from the courtyard of St. Chapel Academy late at night.


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