Iron Shadow
Vital statistics
Position Combatant
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Iron Shadow is a member of Panther Claw sent to locate Cutey Honey after she escaped from capture.


Iron Shadow wears little clothing aside from a headdress with a tail extending from it and fangs near the face along with a thong with a tail on it.


Iron Shadow is a loyal member of Panther Claw, seeking to destroy Cutey Honey for going against Panther Claw.


Iron Shadow possessed high acrobatics and the ability to tame animals such as an elephant through a trumpet.


Cutie Honey:Edit

Iron Shadow first appeared to a captured Seiji Hayami and has Tarantula Panther form a disguise of him to find a disguised Honey and revealing the location of St. Chapel Academy. Once identifying the area, she confronts Honey in her Seiji disguise with Jango until breaking her disguise and asking for Panther Zora's assistance to bring Honey to a circus-like area. Iron Shadow along with a few other Panther Claw combatants fought against Honey until she killed the other combatants leaving Iron Shadow. Iron Shadow fought Honey with an elephant until Honey assumed an animal tamer form and had it crush Iron Shadow.

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