For the green colored panther, see Jango (TV).
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Vital statistics
Position Spy
Age N/A
Status Destroyed

Jango is a mechanical panther owned by Iron Shadow as a tracker and spy.


On the surface, Jango resembles a regular black panther but beneath its pelt is a mechanical body.


While Jango is a robot programmed to serve Iron Shadow, it features the same killer instincts and behavior of a real panther.


Much like panthers use stealth on their prey, Jango serves as a tracker and spy to hunt down enemies of Panther Claw. It has sharp fangs and claws with an electric bite, which combined with its behavior makes it a deadly foe.


Iron Shadow sent out Jango to follow the disguised Honey Kisaragi back to St. Chapel Academy. At the school while Honey came out from a bath Iron Shadow removed her disguise and Jango attacked with her. When Honey was brought into an illusionary world by Panther Zora, Jango fought alongside other Panthers against Honey. After Honey finished off Iron Shadow, she fought against Jango in her animal tamer form but was unable to control it as Jango was a robot. Honey assumed a Tarzania form to cut Jango from the back which destroyed it and revealed Jango's mechanical frame.

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