Junpei Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Co-Owner of Hayami Group (90s)
Age 13 (Cutey Honey),

43 (Cutey Honey 90s)

Status Alive
Junpei is the younger brother of Seiji Hayami and son of Danbei Hayami.


Junpei is based on his source of inspiration, a preadolescent boy with black hair and dark eyes. He wears a t-shirt with shorts and a pair of sneakers. In Cutey Honey 90s, the middle aged Junpei has a crew cut hair style with a couple wrinkles on his face and a larger body.


Junpei is rather carefree compared to most children his age, not appearing to mind that his brother was injured or that his father fell out a window. He is also as perverse as his father, trying to peek as Honey in the bath.


Cutey HoneyEdit

Junpei first appeared at the hospital with his father when Seiji was injured and even made fun of him for it. Later when Panthers came in with Fire Claw, Junpei watched as his father tried to fight them off. Later when Seiji was brought back into his room by Honey, he laughed at the idea of Honey being Seiji's girlfriend to which Seiji berated him for but Honey stuck to them just being friends.

He later appeared along with his father at the local park where they began to sexually harass a bronze statue that was not there previously. The statue was actually Honey, who broke her disguise after having enough and hid in the bushes. When St. Chapel Academy was burned down, Honey came to live with the Hayami family but was disturbed when they tried to peek at her in the bath. After the final battle with Sister Jill Junpei with the rest of his family went to check on Honey was left naked.

Cutie Honey 90sEdit

Thirty years after the battle with Panther Claw, Seiji and Junpei had to retire from directly involving themselves in the affairs of Honey due to their age but supported her from the sidelines.


  • Junpei is based on Abashiri Ikka character Kichiza Abashiri similar to how his father is based on Daemon Abashiri.
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