Junpei Hayami
C15 body
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age (Preadolescent)
Status Active
Played by Yuka Terasaki
Junpei Hayami is the younger brother of Seiji Hayami and youngest son of Danbei Hayami.

Appearance Edit

Junpei is a preadolescent boy of average height and build. He has messy brown hair and brown eyes. His clothing consists of a yellow polo shirt with white accents, blue jeans, a black belt, and green and white sneakers.

Personality Edit

Junpei always goes where his father goes, respecting Danbei to the point of imitation as he sees his father as an example of what to do and achieve. As a result he displays the same perverted tendencies Danbei does, but sees Honey as an older sister figure.


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