Kangaroo Claw
Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Kangaroo Claw was a member of the crime syndicate known as Panther Claw.


Kangaroo Claw was a tall figure with a hunched over back. She wore a kangaroo's pelt over her head which covered most of her body. She had a pouch where a small hairy creature withe a whip sat inside.


The small creature sat on her pelt seemed to attack using its whip.


  • Kangaroo Claw was one of four designs created for the 1973 Cutie Honey anime series that never made it into the final product. The others being Mole PantherUnicorn Panther and Buzzsaw Panther. Out of said four, only Buzzsaw and Unicorn have made appearances in subsequent material.
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