Kayo Miyata
Vital statistics
Position Detention Center Inmate
Age (Adolescent)
Status Alive
Played by Marie Ono
Kayo Miyata is an inmate at the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center.

Personality Edit

Miyata shows the mannerisms of a tough yet caring girl, looking to be the person in charge of her room by taking on the responsibility of looking out for her cellmates, telling Miki to help a cellmate in her personal crisis and starting a fight/argument over the nature of an attempted escape. She is willing to work with people she did not get along well with at first including Kazoko who she got into a fist fight with and wanted to help Miki during their escape.

History Edit

Miyata's room had Miki Saotome move in with Miyata reprimanding Miki when she did something that was out of line to her including not comforting Mami. Later as Director Shirakawa becomes the person in charge of the facility, people including Mami are found dead implying that they tried to escape. Miyata however is not fooled and works with her neighbor Kazoko to get the keys so that they can escape. However, while the inmates are intercepted by Tomohiro who sets the room on fire, Kayo goes to get Miki. She is attacked by Zuimaru for interfering but Miki breaks free and becomes Sister Miki. Miki in this state easily overpowers Zuiimaru and beats Tomohrio to death. Miyata tries to stop her until Miki tells her to run away. What happened to Miyata and the others afterwards is unknown.

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