Kekko Kamen is a comedic superhero franchise created by Go Nagai starting with a manga he made in 1974. All of which detail the adventures of the titular character, Kekko Kamen, a mysterious masked heroine who wears only a rabbit eared mask, scarf, gloves, and boots but nothing else.


Most series involving Kekko Kamen involve a draconian school that harshly punishes students that do not do well academically to the point of torture and utter humiliation. To aid in these helpless students, is the mysterious masked hero Kekko Kamen who distracts enemies (predominantly) with her exposed main body and taking them out with her athletic fighting style that involves nunchaku and a special bo staff. The identity of Kekko Kamen is shared amongst several people to keep these enemies (often including Toenail of Satan) from attacking the heroine. Another common character is Mayumi Takahashi who is usually the victim that Kekko Kamen has to rescue.

Cutey HoneyEdit

As Kekko Kamen plays a hero role similar to Cutey Honey, there are a couple references to the character in some of the Cutie Honey series.

  • Rinko Terada from the Cutey Honey 90s manga is an actress who plays the role of Kekko Kamen on a movie where characters including Mayumi and Toenail of Satan appear.
  • Mayumi Takahashi is used as the name one of Honey's co-workers in Re: Cutie Honey.
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