Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Junior Detectives
Age Young Adult
Status Alive
Kobayashi was the leader of the Junior Detectives, a small group of children that assisted the police, in spite of being a young adult himself. He is a minor character in the original Cutie Honey manga.


Kobayashi was a tall lanky boy, he had little hair, a wide mouth and wore raggedy clothing. He had a mixed pair of shoes, a heel and a sandal on his feet and carried two pails full of excrement at all times.


Kobayashi was implied to be mentally deficient, but was also well meaning and kind, and ultimately ended up being the most competent at his job during Panther Claw's attack.


Kobayashi and the boy detectives were among the many police hired to protect the Golden Buddah statue owned by Paul Tamatoto. Kobayashi and the boy detectives searched the grounds for potential threats and intruders, but ultimately saw nothing.

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