Kogoro Iboji
C14 body
Vital statistics
Position PCIS investigator
Private Investigator (formerly)
Age (Adult)
Status Active
Played by Ippei Orishima
Kogoro Iboji is a member of PCIS. A former private investigator, he decided to use his skills in the fight against Panther Claw.

Appearance Edit

Kogoro is a lean mean with curly brown hair, brown eyes, a crooked nose, and a wide grin. He is dressed in a green suit over a a light green turtleneck and wears brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Kogoro Iboji is noted to have a preoccupation with his butt.


Trivia Edit

  • Kogoro originally appeared in the manga Meiwaku Tantei Iboji Kogoro.
    • His preoccupation to his butt is a reference to the character's hemorrhoid problem.
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