Vital statistics
Position Patient (formerly)
Panther Claw bio-weapon
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Sadayoshi Shimane
Kurabayashi was a patient at Daitenji Hospital where he was converted into a bio-weapon.

Personality Edit

Kurabayashi was a mild mannered person who was infatuated with attractive girls like Honey, and worked with his roommate Eguchi to gain her attention. Upon his full conversion, he became a cold and merciless killer.

History Edit

Kurabayashi was admitted into Daitenji Hospital where he was given treatments unaware of the experiments done on him. As soon the enhancements were complete he went to the area for the Darkness Auction with Honey trying to follow him. In the arena, he faced the modified Eguchi but even his modified gun arm was not enough and Kurabayashi was killed.

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