Marara/Sea Panther
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Vital statistics
Position Member of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased

Marara, also known as Sea Panther is a mermaid turned Panther Claw kaijin.


Marara resembles a scaly feminine humanoid sea monster with fins on top of her head. In her original appearance, she resembled the common Western depiction of a mermaid.


Marara was close with her sister Chiruru and mourned her death years ago. For revenge against humanity, she agreed to become a monster to get back at humanity as Sea Panther.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Marara as a mermaid could swim and could possibly produce treasures from a tear. As Sea Panther, she gained greater swimming speed, hypnotizing others through eye contact, powerful leg strength that allows her to jump high up, sharp claws, control water, and controls and summons a ghost pirate ship with a crew of skeletons.


Marara witnessed her sister being beaten by greedy Greek fishermen looking for tears of mermaid after she begged for mercy and was killed as a result. She was contacted by Panther Zora after swearing to destroy the humans and given the power to become a Panther Claw kaijin.

Many years later she would attack human vessels as Sea Panther. During an encounter she met Cutie Honey who was defending humans. During the fight, Sea Panther explained her past to Honey. While Honey sympathized with her, she could not allow Sea Panther to continue and even after she begged her to stop fighting she eventually slew her. Her spirit is reunited by Chiruru and she passes on and the two  are seen playing in the sea.

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