Mazinger is a multimedia franchise created by Go Nagai. It is well known for introducing the Super Robot genre which started a boom in the mecha genre from the seventies onward. Along with Devilman, Getter Robo, and Cutey Honey, it is the most notable work by Dynamic Productions.

Summary Edit

All of the series features a young man piloting a giant robot made of a near indestructible alloy and powered by photons in a battle against an evil empire that strive for world domination with an army of giant robots. The most notable of which is Koji Kabuto and Mazinger Z in the battle against Dr. Hell. Other unique features included Sayaka's (at the time) highly tomboyish behavior that had a sweet side in the anime version which started the development of the tsundere character trope, as well as the Oppai Missile System that several female characters' robots, and the joke character Boss (and his robot Boss Borot).

Mazinger in Cutie Honey Edit

As one of Dynamic Productions most famous franchises, characters and robots from Mazinger have appeared a couple of times in the Cutie Honey.

  • New Cutie Honey featured a couple of cameo appearances including a bust of Mazinger Z, Sayaka Yumi, Honey's Koji disguise, the Gamia Q, and Juzo Kabuto in the second opening.
    • Danbei Hayami's cyborg body also uses designs and attacks taken directly from Mazinger Z such as the Rocket Punch and Breast Fire.
  • Cutie Honey Flash features Panther Claw's elite warriors act as homages to some of the Mazinger franchise's major villains: Freddy Claw takes influence from Dr. Hell and Count Brocken, Gorgon Claw takes after Archduke Gorgon, and Scud Panther resembles Marquis Janus.
  • Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu features a form called Mazinger Honey where Cutey Honey gains a large body resembling a modernized Mazinger Z with Honey's body serving as the Pilder.
  • The character Black Panther from the Cutie Honey Movie and Re: Cutie Honey takes influence from Baron Ashura in that his/her halves have different genders but his/her wardrobe takes after Count Brocken.
  • Dr. Lawrence Hell from Cutie Honey a Go Go!, takes his name from Dr. Hell and once had a similar appearance to him.
  • Gold Claw from Re: Cutie Honey uses an attack based on the Oppai Missile System
  • Re: Cutie Honey features cameo appearances by Koji, Sayaka, and Boss during the period when Panther Claw is racking up women.
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