Miharu Tsuneni
Vital statistics
Position Teacher at St. Chapel Academy
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Shizuka Okohira
Miharu Tsuneni (referred to only as Miharu-sensei in the series) is a teacher at St. Chapel Academy.


Miharu is a middle-aged woman at average height with dark brown hair and eyes. She wears glasses and dresses in formal clothing such as a white lace top and a long skirt.


Similar to her original counterparts, Miharu is very strict and attempts to discipline her students by force if necessary. However she is attracted to handsome men and is easily flustered by just the sight of them.


For most of the series, Miharu had tried to discipline her student Honey Kisaragi as she always left in the middle of class but was usually told off by her boss Principal Danbei. Once she leaned of her other identity as Cutey Honey, Miharu became much more tolerant of her. After the school was attacked by Panther Claw, Miharu oversaw the reconstruction of the school.

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