Miharu Tsuneni
Tc 240
Vital statistics
Position Dean of Students at St. Chapel Academy,

Spy for unknown organization

Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased

Miharu Tsuneni is the dean of students of St. Chapel Academy, as well as an enforcer for the group who created the I-System used by Cutie Honey. She is portrayed in a more negative light than other counterparts.

Appearance Edit

Compared to earlier counterparts that had a rather crooked looking face, Miharu has a much more moderate frame and facial structure along with straighter shoulder-length hair while retaining her style of dress and glasses.

Personality Edit

Similar to her original counterpart, Miharu is displayed as a highly strict disciplinarian. However, she shows a much darker side that mainly involves getting the I-System from Honey in order to complete her job by any means necessary including taking advantage of weaknesses of others including Ayuko Sato who more or less became Miharu's slave.

Abilities Edit

Miharu is always seen with a whip that she uses to punish students and can use it to grasp limbs. The whip also possesses some special electromagnetic equipment that can disrupt electrical systems like the Panther Claw monsters. She had shown intellect in quantum mechanics shown when she described the functions of the I-System and about the project that made the choker. Miharu is a keen manipulator of people with weak wills, able to bend them to her will by making them feel like they have a purpose after everyone else abandoned them.

History Edit

Miharu was first seen meeting with Natsuko Aki and Honey Kisaragi, the new teacher and student respectively. She showed them around campus before showing them both to their respective rooms. When Natsuko attempted to investigate the group that made the I-System, Miharu showed her knowledge of the subject before noting that Honey escaped from campus. Natsuko grew suspicious of Miharu, realizing she knew more than she let on. By the time Panther Claw attacked Miharu showed her allegiance to the group who helped fund the I-System project and was striving to get the device back and even manipulated Ayuko to get to Honey. As Tarantula Panther attacked Miharu and Natsuko, Miharu subdued her with her whip before her head is sliced off by Dragon Panther.

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