Miharu Tsuneni
Vital statistics
Position Teacher
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Miharu Tsuneni is a disciplinary teacher at St. Chapel Academy known for her torturous punishments on students who don't follow the rules, often with a whip.


Miharu is a middle-aged woman with short dark hair and a crooked face with lipstick and glasses. She is always seen with a light colored top on and a long skirt. Miharu is also always seen with a whip.


Miharu is a strict and authoritarian person who expects the students of the school to follow the rules. Those who don't follow the rules she tortures the students by lashing at them with her whip, although she was not above altering them for her personal desires. When a student who broke the rules is not around, she lashes out on the closest target such as Natsuko Aki for letting Honey Kisaragi leave the school grounds unattended.


Miharu often patrolled the school grounds during curfew, when she noticed Honey leaving her dorm she took it out on her roommate Natsuko. When Honey snuck out again, Miharu was outside the school but was surprised by a girl in a Tarzania outfit (Honey) but dismissed it as something to expect when out in the forest. When Panther Claw attacked the school, Miharu was killed in an explosion along with most of the staff and students.

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