Miharu Tsuneni
Vital statistics
Position Teacher at St. Chapel Academy and Paradise School
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Unknown
Played by Nobuyo Tsuda

Miharu Tsuneni is a disciplinary teacher at St. Chapel Academy with a vendetta against its newcomer Honey Kisaragi. She also works at Paradise School in addition to St. Chapel Academy with the same position.


Miharu has an unattractive appearance standing slightly hunched forward and with a distorted face that wears glasses and lipstick. She always seen with a white top and a long skirt.


Miharu is a strict disciplinarian who wants her students in either district she works in to follow guidelines and enforces them with excessive force. She views Honey as the biggest threat to her plan especially when she always finds a way to escape her grasp. However despite her harsh treatment, Miharu truly does care about her students and was willing to fight off Panther Claw to protect them.


Miharu was usually seen at school and usually ended up at the the bottom of Honey's practical jokes. Whenever Honey left to fight Panther Claw, Miharu would try to restrain her but was always outsmarted.

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