Mikie Hara

Mikie Hara

Mikie Hara is a gravure idol and actress who portrays the live action incarnation of Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey in the TV Series, Cutie Honey: The Live.

History Edit

Hara was born in Hokkaido Prefecture Kamikawa, Higashikawa but grew up in Niigata Prefecture's Iwafune, Kamihayashi. At the age of 18 she left Niigata to work in Tokyo.

Career Edit

Her portrayal of Honey was her debut in the acting world and she would later go on to star in other tokusatsu productions such as Kamen Rider Fourze as Inga Blink and drama roles such as Joo Virgin's Mai Anzufuji.

Cutie Hara

Miki Hara as Cutie Honey

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