Vital statistics
Position Minion of Dolmeck
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Urara Takano

A transformed Saline preparing to inject Cutie Honey with the monster serum.

Saline is a famous rock star in Cosplay City who is also a minion of Dolmeck who gives criminals the injection devices that make them into monsters. She is an antagonist within New Cutie Honey.

Appearance Edit

Saline is a woman dressed in a black mini skirt and top, a red jacket, a gold necklace. She has green hair with purple highlights and wears red lipstick with a purple line running down her lift eye. In her monster form, she becomes werewolf-like with purple hair, eyes with green sclera and black irises, and bone-like padding around her body including a forehead protector that has four green eyes.

Abilities/Powers Edit

She uses explosive microphones as her weapon of choice for combat. After transforming, using the monster serum, she gains greater physical strength and durability as well as the ability to create shock waves using her voice. These shock waves were able to create compression on the surfaces of wherever she shouted.

History Edit

Saline distributed the monster serum, supplied by Dolmeck, amongst members of her audience hidden within her microphone. After defeating several enemies, Cutie Honey was able to deduce Saline was the one responsible for this vile deed. After catching Honey spying on her meeting with Dolmeck, Saline and her guards attacked Honey. However, Honey proved to be too powerful, causing Saline to resort to injecting the monster serum in her breast, causing her to turn into a sexy monster. Using her newfound powers, Saline managed to pin Honey down and inject her with the monster serum as well. While laughing in triumph, Saline was surprised to find both Honey unaffected by the serum and herself stabbed right through her abdomen by Honey's sword. Saline's lamented why Honey did not transform as she made a last-ditch effort to destroy Honey using her vocal shock waves. However, Honey closed the gap between them and grabbed hold of her sword, swinging it upwards through Saline's upper body and through her shoulder. Honey then swung once again, cleaving Saline's perfectly toned body in two. Before Saline succumbed to her injuries, she desperately had to know how Cutie Honey was immune to the serum. It was then, that Saline was able to come to the conclusion that Honey was in fact an android.

Gallery Edit

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