Vital statistics
Position Underground Wrestler
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Shinobu Adachi
Miss Scorpion is the head of an illegal wrestling ring who challenges men to wrestle after abducting them.

Appearance Edit

Scorpion is voluptuous woman with light purple hair that spikes upwards, piercing eyes, and has green marking on her face. Scorpion dresses in a nazi-like outfit that features a green military coat that opens around her cleavage and has red accessories, brown gloves, and a hat. On her lower body is a thong as well as a pair of white stocking and shoes. Her wrestling outfit is a skimpy jumpsuit.

Finally, her monster form is a hot pink scorpion humanoid which retains her voluptuous frame and has orange sucking tentacles coming out of her back.

Personality Edit

Scorpion is an extreme dominatrix when a penchant for wrestling. She likes to dominate people by abducting them and making them into her servants, having men wrestle for and entertain her until she gets rid of them while having women become her slaves complete with dressing them in skimpy leather clothes while keeping them chained by the neck.

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