Muya Nagaiwa
Muyo nagaiwa
Vital statistics
Position Real Estate Agency CEO
Age (Middle Aged-Elderly)
Status Deceased
Muya Nagaiwa is the head of a real estate agency that served as one of the investors for Laboratory Futuristic-O. With help from Mikio Hiruta, he plotted to get a new body after being dissatisfied with his old one especially after contracting cancer.

Appearance Edit

Nagaiwa's original body was that of an unattractive man that had a round and flabby shape as well as a balding head. After having his brain transferred to a robot body, he grew in size and strength with a body-builder frame with a helmet that has a mask and visor covering his eyes.

Personality Edit

Nagaiwa is an amoral and greedy businessman who vies to fulfill his desires of a perfect body and be undetectable from the police while making money by any means.

Abilities Edit

Nagaiwa is the head of a real estate agency with a vast assortment of resources including a transport truck. His robot body gives him great strength and durability, allowing him to break through walls and tear open steel doors. The robot body can also control other robots through a system installed by Hiruta. The brain however needed specialized nourishment and would eventually die out by the time the brain rejected the robot body.

History Edit

Nagaiwa displeased with his body's lack of ability and contracting liver cancer invests money to Laboratory Futuristic-O to help fund projects for a new robot body. Nagaiwa's brain and eyes were transferred to the lead robot. Lacking funds and trying to find a suitable body, Nagaiwa would rob banks in the dead of night to acquire the necessary funds while Hiruta faked his death to cover his tracks and link to Nagaiwa. A body for Nagaiwa's mind to inhabit was found in Toshio Tanaka. But before operations could begin, Seiko Hayami and her assistant Hisashi Hanyu appeared to arrest Nagaiwa and Hiruta. Hiruta subdued Seiko while musing he could use her body. Cutey Honey then came crashing in as Mazinger Honey beating back the robots while knocking Nagaiwa's body which caused his brain to get damage causing Nagaiwa to die.

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