Vital statistics
Position Delinquent Student
Age (Adolescent)
Status Active
Naojiro is Danbei Hayami's nephew and a student at Paradise School, he is well known among the other delinquent yankees on campus. He is based on a similar named character from Abashiri Ikka.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Similar to his original counterpart, Naojiro is a large young man with a well built frame and is usually seen adorned in the uniform including the older hat. He has dark hair that extends to part of his face. He often tries to look like the boss of the school but later becomes loyal to Honey when she comes to the school and becomes the unofficial school boss.

Abilities Edit

Naojiro possesses above average strength that allows him to fight against many of the other delinquents of his school and even hold off a Panther Claw kaijin for a bit.

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