Tc 339
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age Late Teens
Status Alive
Naoko was a supporting character in the final chapters of Cutey Honey a Go Go!. She is based on Naoko Sukeban but with a very different appearance and personality.


Naoko had black straight hair and a was somewhat tall, wearing formal reserved clothing. Compared to her original counterpart, she had a much more feminine appearance.


Naoko was a quiet yet intelligent girl who showed great care towards Ayuko Sato, having been left at St. Chapel Academy like her. Seeing a similar loneliness, Naoko strove to protect Ayuko whether it was from the strict dean Miharu Tsuneni or her suspected trouble magnet Honey Kisaragi.


Naoko had noticed when Honey had came to St. Chapel Academy but later went back to her room. After Ayuko was whipped continuously by Dean Miharu, Naoko looked at her scratches and considered leaving with Ayuko. Ayuko was reluctant knowing the high chance of them being brought back and believing she has nowhere else to go. Naoko assured her that she would be there for Ayuko before she makes Ayuko rest.

When Honey came back after being away somewhere Naoko questioned her about bringing trouble to Ayuko to the point of pressing her wrists. Honey later overpowered Naoko with her own strength. As Panther Claw began to attack the school, Honey told Naoko to get the rest of the students out. Not understanding what was going on, Naoko told the other students to evacuate the students while taking Ayuko by the hand as she was looking for Miharu. When Ayuko broke off to try and sedate Honey, Naoko tried to stop her but got cut. Getting separated again, Naoko was seen among the students while lamenting on Ayuko.

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