Naoko Sukeban
Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Sukeban
Age (Adolescent)
Status Unknown

Naoko Sukeban is a minor character from the Cutey Honey manga. She is the leader of the all-girls gang The Sukeban.


Naoko is large unattractive girl with a masculine body frame including disproportional face, a pot belly with hair on her arms and different parts of her body. She has long dark hair with hairband. Her clothes always consist of a skirt that covers her lower body but does not wear a top other than a school jacket that she wears on her shoulders.


Naoko is a delinquet girl with lesbian tendencies to harass attractive girls at her school while showing no interest in men. She is willing to go lengths to show her sense of authority around the school by gagging Natsuko to get newcomer Honey's attention. Her interest in the female body may stem from the fact that her mother never let her see her own reflection.


As the leader of a gang, Naoko has full authority over their activities. She has a high amount of physical strength and mass, enough to puch out a tree and cause a shockwave when she hits the ground.


With news of Honey spreading quickly, Naoko had her gang gag Natsuko to her bed for when Honey came back. When she did, Naoko introduced themselves to show their authority. Honey wasn't fazed and commented that Naoko's mother must have loved her very much since she never saw her own reflection. She also pointed out that Naoko and her group were women and with a mirror saw their hideous appearances. Naoko was enraged at Honey mocking her mother's love and challenged her to a fight outside. Honey once again used a mirror to show Naoko's appearance which caused her to faint and cause a large shockwave. She is later seen among the other students fleeing from St. Chapel Academy during the Panther Claw attack.


  • Naoko's name and appearance come from Naojiro Abashiri from Abashiri Ikka.
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