Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw combatant
Age (Adolescent)
Status Deceased
Played by Hiromi Eguchi
Natsuki is combatant working directly under Mayumi Karasugawa.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Natsuki dresses in a Gothic Lolita style including a black frilly dress and makeup. She wears a combatant mask in battle. She is loyal to Mayumi Karasugawa willing to give her life for her, as a result of falling victim to Karasugawa's seduction.

Abilities Edit

As a combatant, Natsuki has the standard enhancements including the synthetic muscle fibers that allow her greater strength and flexibility. Her usual fighting style consists of hit and run strategies.

History Edit

Natsuki was likely a student before joining Panther Claw having been seduced by Karasugawa. When Karasugawa summons her to track down Masayuki Nemoto, she does so while being a little jealous that it was get more information about her primary target Miki Saotome. Natsuki later gives Miki about Masayuki and gives her a map to follow before leaving. When Miki came to rescue Masayuki, Natsuki confronts her still jealous that she given Karasugawa's attention. While Natsuki seems to have an advantage, Miki knocks her out with a timed blow. Later when Miki and Yuki Kenmochi are attempting to finish off Karasugawa, Natsuki jumps in the way of the Platinum Chakram. Dying she is thankful for being useful to Karasugawa.

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