Natsuko Aki (Flash)
Natsuko (Flash)
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 16
19 (at epilogue)
Status Alive
Played by Makiko Ohmoto

Natsuko Aki is Honey's best friend and a supporting character in Cutie Honey Flash. She was unaware of her friend's secret identity until episode 24. Unlike the original series, this version of Natsuko survived her encounter with Panther Claw rather than getting killed.


Natsuko is average height and body type for a teenage girl with red eyes and peach colored hair tied in pigtails with orange bows. Her clothes often consisted of an orange dress with a white middle and a short sleeve yellow shirt with green accents.


Unlike her other incarnations, this version of Natsuko is depicted as heterosexual, due to the fact that the series was intended for young children rather than teens and adults. She is a ditzy, boy crazy teenage girl who constantly gets into trouble and gets captured by Panther Claw. Her hobby is photography and usually carries around a camera.


Whenever Honey went out, Natusko usually got blamed for letting her escape the dorm and Natsuko was usually on a date with some random boy for most episodes. When Panther Claw attacked the school, Natsuko witnessed Honey assume her Cutie Honey persona and was informed as such by her as they jumped out of the crumbling building not getting caught up in the destruction. Natsuko was supposedly shot by Freddy Claw which Honey later fought against, but she survived as the bullets hit her brand new camera. Natsuko later helped Honey evacuate everyone.

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  • Natsuko's design in this series resembles a teenage version of Chibiusa from Sailor Moon. This was probably intentional as the production staff of that series worked on Flash.
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