Natsuko Aki
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age (Adolescent)
Status Active
Played by Ai Komatsu
Natsuko Aki is a student at Shirobara Academy. She is roommates and friends with Honey Kisaragi in their shared dorm room.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Natsuko has an average figure with short dark hair, a face with a couple moles, and wears red glasses that she usually adjusts along with her uniform. She is a bit of a know-it-all offering Honey some advice about some issues. This is mostly out of genuine concern when Honey is being given bad treatment by others. She is rather concerned about her looks especially by her bust size compared to Honey and other girls. Natsuko genuinely wants to get a boyfriend and is always disappointed when she does not even come close to getting one, whether by horoscopes or group date. Natsuko is among some of the only students at Shirobara Academy who does not show any animosity towards Honey in spite of her overly cheerful lifestyle. However, when Honey was revealed to have been an android Natsuko, Natsuko does not treat her badly like the other students at their school do but she was unsure of how to view Honey tried to keep her distance from Honey wanting to avoid trouble involving their relationship. After having a fever and being treated by Honey, Natsuko realized that Honey was still her friend and apologized to her for not speaking up sooner, restarting their friendship.

History Edit

Natsuko spends her days around Honey while trying not to have Honey look bad to the other students. Other times Natsuko went along with Honey on outings including a group date. After the entire school found out Honey's secret, Natsuko would look into android robotics to get a better understanding of Honey while hiding it from Honey and keeping her distance from Honey unsure of how to react. When Natsuko had a fever, Honey treated her until day broke. Realizing what Honey did, Natsuko is thankful for what Honey did and Honey's birthday party restarted their friendship. Natusko afterwards would usually appear in the background wondering where Honey went off to during the final Panther Claw affair.

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