Natsuko Aki
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 16
Status Deceased
Natsuko Aki (nicknamed Nat-chan by Honey) was the roommate and best friend of Honey Kisaragi. Unlike her anime counterpart, she has a different fate when trying to save Honey.


Natsuko is a cute teenage girl with a few freckles on her face. She has light colored hair in pigtails.


Natsuko is a friendly person who looks out for Honey in spite of the dangers she is put into because of it, taking the harsh punishments of Miharu Tsuneni and the attacks by Panther Claw.


Natsuko had a small role in the manga first appearing when Honey transferred to St. Chapel Academy while gaining a crush on Honey. When Honey is assigned to Natsuko's room, she explains to Honey about St. Chapel Academy's policies before Honey goes out to check on her father's laboratory. When Miharu finds out that Honey had escaped, she punishes Natsuko for letting it happen. Honey comes back and treats Natsuko after the ordeal.

When Honey went out again and finds Natsuko naked and gagged to her bed, she is greeted by the Sukeban who had done the deed and taken a liking to Natsuko. When Honey caught their leader Naoko Sukeban off guard, she is challenged to a fight. When Honey unties Natsuko, she asks if Honey will be alright. But Honey assures her roommate that she'll be fine after showing Natsuko on how to use people's weaknesses against them.

Natsuko is among the students who evacuate the school when it is attacked by Panther Claw. When she was in danger, Honey reveals her secret identity as Cutey Honey and saves Natsuko. With Honey low on power, she disguises Natsuko as a rock as Panther Claw's fighters close in. When Honey was bound to be discovered, Natsuko broke her disguise and ran off claiming to be Honey. She was burned to ashes by Dragon Panther for this. After Panther Claw left, Honey picks up Natsuko's ashes and vows revenge against Panther Claw.

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