Natsuko Aki
Natsuko 73
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 16
Status Deceased
Played by Rihoko Yoshida
Natsuko Aki (nicknamed Nat-chan) is a supporting character from the Cutie Honey anime acting as Honey Kisaragi's roomate and her best friend at St. Chapel Academy.


Natsuko is a teen-aged girl standing at average height with light short brown hair. She had freckles dotted across her face and blue eyes.


Natsuko is generally friendly and supportive of Honey and even gave her life to save her during Panther Claw's attack on St. Chapel Academy.


Natsuko met Honey on her first day and became fast friends with her. For most of the series, Natsuko had to deal with punishments when Honey went missing while remaining unaware of Honey's secret identity. When Sister Jill attacked the school and caused a few burning pillars to fall, Natsuko pushed Honey out of the way taking the hit and gained severe burns dying in Honey's arms. This caused Honey to mourn for her friend and after being reprimanded by Seiji for doing nothing but cry for her, swears to avenge Natsuko.

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