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New Cutie Honey (Shin Kyuti Hani) is a 8 episode OVA series that acts as a sequel/continuation to the original 1973 series. It is also notable for being the first entry of the franchise viewed by US anime fans. It was originally going to have 12 episodes, but the production company left it at eight due to the costs of censoring some scenes.


The story takes place a century after the original series in a futuristic Tokyo-like metropolis called Cosplay City, where the streets are overrun with crime and violence. Mayor Light is trying to bring order back to the city but is intimidated by the presence of Dolmeck and his gang. His secretary then reveals herself to be the Warrior of Love: Cutie Honey who regains her memories after previously losing them and begins the battle against Dolmeck. However, Dolmeck was revealed to be a pawn for his group's true leader, the thought to be slain leader of Panther Claw, Panther Zora.

DVD Release[]

Due to its cult popularity worldwide, the OVA has been re-released multiple times and is currently licensed in North America by Discotek Media.