Vital statistics
Position Salaryman
Age (Late Middle Age)
Status Deceased

Nomura is an oppressed salary man with a borderline personality disorder, believing himself to be the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga. He finds himself the victim of a gambling game by Panther Claw.

Personality Edit

Nomura having been pressured by everyone including his wife and coworkers developed a dissociative identity disorder with the belief that he was Oda Nobunaga. After being presented the cell phone sword, he becomes highly unstable and unpredictable needlessly killing anyone in his way.

History Edit

Nomura was having trouble with work and starts to 'recall' his old life as Nobunaga. He is then given a new cell phone by a saleswoman and after going home while being reprimanded by his wife, is instructed on how to turn it into a sword. The next day, as his wife reprimands him for leaving early yesterday Nomura stabs her with the phone sword and starts going on a murderous spree including crashing a car near a gas tank that later caused an explosion and later attacks people who bother him such as an old customer. Cutie Honey eventually fights against him and when the phone sword is knocked out of his hand, Nomura is killed by Panther Claw Combatants for losing the weapon.

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