Octo Panther
Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age 20s - 30s
Status Deceased
Played by Kazure Ikara
Octo Panther is a member of the terrorist group Panther Claw. She was sent alongside Tarantula Panther to kidnap Natsuko Aki.


Octo Panther is a short, chubby young woman. On her head is a cartoonish red squid helm, her outfit is black and purple fitting tightly, around the neck sits a flurry of tentacles. She had pale skin and bright purple lips. 

Her human guise showed her real hair, which was short and dark. She wore a blue and white swim suit.


Octo could extend and grow the size of her tentacles that could crush and bind her enemies. She could also spray a thick inky fog to hide herself.


Octo was had a massive ego, and saw herself as Sister Jill's secret weapon, even though Jill barely recognised her existence. Having such a high opinion of herself, she would occasionally but heads with Tarantula Panther, who she seemed to get along with, though she saw herself as better than her.



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