Panther Claw is a crime syndicate and the main antagonists of Cutie Honey: The Live. Unlike previous incarnations who were mere thieves or terrorists bent on spreading chaos, this version is more inclined towards making money (whether legal or illegal); dealing in weapons development, human cybernetics, gambling operations and obtaining money through political manipulation and control of taxes, fines and laws, as well as the indoctrination of new recruits in the form of private schools. Anyone who even comes close to learning their secrets becomes a target of assassination.

Unlike previous series where Panther Claw was lead by a leading figure of great power such as Panther Zora and all of the executive members were women, the organization divided into four branches which is controlled by a high ranking executive functioning more similar to the mafia and other organized crime groups with both men and women in the same league. At the end of the series, after the destruction of the old organization by Honey Kisaragi, a newly formed version was created. The henchmen have silver masks instead of black and are lead by a mysterious figure who fans speculate to be the Live version of Sister Jill.

Their symbol is a coat-of-arms, a black and white shield with a white panther head and a black claw mark in the background. There is also a statue of a metal clawed hand at some safe houses stationed which serves as another emblem.


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