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Members of Panther Claw.

Panther Claw is the main antagonistic group in Cutey Honey and its sequels lead by highly powerful Panther Zora and commanded by Sister Jill. Originally they were introduced as a group of bandits and thieves that steal valuable objects that was headquartered in the Amazon Rainforest. All of their major members are female while the only males serve as the Panther guards and servants.







In the original Cutey Honey manga, Panther Claw was a group of thieves that sought to claim the most valuable treasures for Panther Zora which included the Airborne Element Fixing Device created by Dr. Kisaragi that would allow them to make diamonds from air. However with the retcon, Panther Claw's objective had changed to spreading terror and fear and in Jill's case, the death of Cutey Honey in vengeance.

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